POLICY LAB, Culture & Climate Change , 2018 TEACHING NILE PROJECT Commercial Shoot / Model “SLAGERIJ VAN KAMPEN” Asia Tour 2017! <strong>Nile Project Eu  Tour 2016</strong> Music Mission Team 2014 – Burundi & Rwanda NEW Drum School ! “The Unfamiliar Familiarites” Music

POLICY LAB, Culture & Climate Change , 2018

I was honored to be a part of this Policy Lab, together with other polcy makers the contribution of Art and culture to the Climate Change and future actions.


Drumles, Djembé and Piano..
Band coaching


Claude Ciza, to join a collective of musicians from the Nile basin.

Commercial Shoot / Model

Models: – Giovanca Ostiana | CLaude Ciza | Ovo Drenth | Albert Montpellier


In2013 and 2014, I was involved in series of activities with Slagerij van Kampen as a potential successor of Gijsbert Zwart, who decided to take a new direction after years of success.

Asia Tour 2017!

Claude Ciza on the Asia Tour 2017
Coming soon…

Nile Project Eu Tour 2016

The Nile Project will be making its European premiere this month, with concerts in Brussels, Bradford and London! We will also be performing on BBC radio 3 on June 17 at 11pm (UK TIME). Turn it on!

NEW Drum School !

New Drum School!!
Wanna boost your drumming skills in 2017?
For more info, inbox me, email, or phone

“The Unfamiliar Familiarites” Music

the Unfamiliar Familiarites Music Video.

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Tchouva la Résponse


Commercial shoot

Claude Ciza



Audition Slagerij van Kampen

29th Oct 2014
Pianist Robert Bosscher and drummer Claude Ciza

“The Unfamiliar Familiarites” Music project !

After traveling the world on our musical journey, with this project we’re combining experiences. Guarantee for something new. UF- DUO Pianist Robert Bosscher & Drummer Claude Ciza How did it start?...

26th May 2014

New York – US.

Claude Ciza | NYC The City of New York is an important place, a big center for art. A lot to see, a lot to learn: music, film, theater, dance...

27th Feb 2014

Burundian Drums Ensemble

BURUNDIAN DRUMS ENSEMBLE Claude Ciza is working on new composition, new taste, new drumming vocabulary about the Burundian Drums. At young age, he got already introduced by his mother to...