“The Unfamiliar Familiarites” Music project !

After traveling the world on our musical journey, with this project we’re combining experiences. Guarantee for something new. UF- DUO Pianist Robert Bosscher & Drummer Claude Ciza

How did it start?

Pianist Robert Bosscher and drummer Claude CizaUnfamiliar Familiarities was founded in 2014. Pianist Robert Bosscher (born Holland) and drummer Claude Ciza (born Burundi) met quickly after Robert’s return from NYC. Living here for 8 years Robert graduated as Master Of Music at MSM where he studied with Kenny Barron. He also recorded and performed with musicians such as Mark Turner (Brad Mehldau) and Scott Wendholt (Village Vanguard). Robert decided to focus more on the music that was determined by his roots. This always included Hip-Hop, African rhythms and R&B. Robert had a very specific sound in mind and knew working with Claude would able them to both really swing and master a more contemporary repertoire. Because of Robert’s many experiences in NYC he quickly wrote a large amount of compositions well received. And since Claude has intensively studied this musical heritage, toured the world and studied with legends such as Ralph Peterson he is a great musical partner.

Pianist Robert Bosscher | Drummer Claude Ciza

Pianist Robert Bosscher | Drummer Claude Ciza

What does the music sound like?

Great compositions played on the radio in the ’60′s’, ’70′s’ en ‘80′s’ STRIPPED! Metallica, U2, Depeche Mode, Nick Kershaw… all with a unique contemporary touch.

In Unfamiliar Familiarities these 2 musicians go back to their earliest impressions. Radio-hits from their childhood will be like new with surprising influences from Chopin to Miles Davis.
Because it’s two very diverse musicians, the possibilities of interaction and realizing musical ideas are endless.Since both musicians are very experienced with dance/world music as well as thorough classical education this music reflects both chamber-orchestral and Urban music styles.

What do the critics say?

This multi-talented jazz pianist, composer, arranger, lyricist and vocalist is also one of the most interesting improvisers to emerge from the new guarde of younger players today

Billy Hart (Herbie Hancock)

Robert Bosscher is a bold musician. His brevitiy is documented on Multiple Views. He composes with an old school pen and utilizes a new school band to make Multiple Views a pleasurable listening experience – Play on.

Jason Moran (Wayne Shorter)

With ‘Unfamiliar Familiarities’ Robert Bosscher and Claude Ciza truly deliver. Recently Robert has recorded a new album with Summit Records at Stadium Red Studio’s.

Jazzflits.nl Review

Duo with/without singer Sophie Kuipers

Piano: Robert Bosscher
Drums: Claude Ciza
Vocal : Sophie Kuipers

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