30th Jan 2017

Black or White Band

BLACK OR WHITE BAND Alles begann im Sommer 2015 während eines Musikfestivals im Norden von Deutschland. Im Publikum waren zwei Musiker ( Klaudia & Greg ), die sich den Auftritt...

30th Jan 2017

The Nile Project

The Nile Project  One of the tightest cross­-cultural collaborations in musical history, the Nile Project brings together artists from the 11 Nile countries, representing over 450 million people, to compose...

24th Aug 2016

Funk XXL

FUNK “XXL”, is a successful “Funky Jazz” collaboration of internationally renowned musicians, Hiske Oosterwijk, Claude Ciza, Diederik Idema, Patrice Blanchard, Vladislav Psaruk and Tobi Till.  Claude Ciza selected these talents...

14th Jul 2016

AfroBeat-Jazz Trio

AfroBeat-Jazz Trio, a successful collaboration of well-known musicians all around the Netherlands and abroad, Dra Diarra(Ngoni), Claude Ciza(Drums/Percussions), Benson Itoe (Bass). Dra Diarra is from Mali,one of the most well...

12th Jul 2016

Soul Plus

The musicians and singers of the SoulPlus combo will indulge you and your guests with Soul, R&B and Pop music with a Caribbean touch. Harvey Mercera – Piano/Keys Patrice Blanchard...

12th Jul 2016

Traditional Rumba Music

Claude Ciza – Patrice Blanchard- Basile Maneka. Basile Maneka is a singer, guitarist, performer and composer; grew up in Kinshasa in a rich Congolese music tradition. He played in numerous...

29th Jun 2016

Caribbean-Latin Trio

Easy Listening, Caribbean / Latin , Folk Cuban.  our Trio plays a mix of traditional, samba, bolero, cha- -cha, Tmba, popular son… With fresh arrangements in the style of Buena...

29th Jun 2016

Electric Jazz Quartet

Electric Jazz concept , a unique melange combining a traditional Jazz, Gospel harmoning, chopin African beats, embellished by electric sounds on top of it

29th Jun 2016

Dramali “Afrobeat-Jazz”

We are Dramali, a successful collaboration of of well-known  African and Dutch musicians. Freedom is in our blood and you can hear that in our music. We play a swinging...

29th Jun 2016


Mindreaders If you want groove.. who you gonna call? Mindreaders! If you want soul.. who you gonna call? Mindreaders! If you want funk.. who you gonna call? Mindreaders! If you...