Claude Ciza grew up pretty much in the music environment. As a little boy, he frequently attended church choirs with his mam’s guidance. He started  playing percussion in church choirs and in the official ceremonies, notably Burundian Drums being a sign of pride of the land his ancestors .


Later on, Claude’s curiosity for music guided him to more modern sounds, by embracing Modern Drum Set. After some years, he met some well known musicians like Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Francis Lassus, Paco Sery, Meddy Gerville , Ray Lema, Mokhtar Samba, etc. They all inspired him to improve his skills as a musician and to feed his hunger to get to a higher level musically. In these years Claude accompanied different well know artists around Africa and abroad.

It didn’t take any longer, his hunger for music (particularly Jazz) brought Claude into the Prins Claus Conservatory (the Netherlands), having Ralph Peterson (New York), Steve Alternburg as drum teachers.  As Jazz student, he continued to develop his skills in reading, writing and understanding the language of music, his practical skills in rhythm, improvisation and technics to complete his music vocabulary. After his studies, he quickly gained experience worldwide as an active performer and recording artist. Known for his outstanding smooth grooves, Claude brought his personal touch and sensitivity to many musical concepts. He accompanied and shared stage with well know artists across Africa, Europe, Asia,US and Canada.


Often called a “globetrotter”, this opened the way for him to join a rank of several international projects, to name some few: May 26 , 2014 he was invited to witness the official inauguration of the Miles Davis Way in NYC. Since 2016, Claude is actively a member of the Nile Project (a collective of professional musicians from 11 countries across the Nile River). His expertise and professional abilities make him a dynamic and sought-after musician. He recently performed to BBC, The Barbican in London, EU Commission headquarters(Brussels), AU headquarters (Ethiopia) .

Nowadays, Claude has been touring with different bands around the globe. He works as well as a freelance music teacher, arranger, studio recording artist and on many more projects around. The flavor of his African roots are still remarkable in his way of playing.



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